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Become an IHMA Member

Become an IHMA Member
The IHMA currently offers membership in the following categories. You can apply for Membership on-line at the bottom of this page.

Full Members

Individual harbour masters and certain other senior port marine officers who satisfy the appropriate membership guidelines.
Rate; 199 £

National Administration Members / Members from multiple port organisations

People meeting the requirements for Full membership but appointed to membership annually by a National Administration or an organisation that operates multiple ports.

Associate members
Individuals sharing the aims of the Association and who do not qualify for Full membership.
Rate; 99 £

Commercial Members
Organisations and individuals providing goods and services to harbour masters for reward to assist them in their duties and organisations and individuals who do not provide such services but support the Objectives of the Association.
Rate; 472 £

Awarded by the Association for meritorious service.
Membership can not be applied for directly.

Available to previous Full Members who have not yet retired but no longer hold a qualifying post.
Membership can not be applied for directly.

Membership discount
From 2014 a 30 per cent discount will be applied to the subscriptions of members resident in countries listed in the lower two quartiles of the United Nations’ Human Development Index. Further details can be obtained from the Secretary.
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